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Give the Gift of Backyard Theater Systems

Has it gotten harder and harder every holiday season to come up with original, dazzling gifts for friends and family members? If you feel like you’re shopping from the same Holiday list every year, maybe it’s time you hit a genuine holiday home run. An outdoor theater package from Backyard Theater Systems can make an unforgettable Holiday present for your family – or for any other important family in your life!..Read More!

Can’t Decide Between Front and Rear Projection? Backyard Theater Systems Now Offers Both in One Package!

We’re delighted to announce our newest outdoor theater system. This package features a 135” (over 11 feet) diagonal screen system that can work equally well with both front projection and rear projection. Actually, it’s a pair of screens – one black screen and one white, no-wrinkle stretch screen. The screens are used together for front projection; for rear projection, you’ll just use the white screen. The package also includes:.. Read More!